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  • Curtis Pickard
    Sales Manager

  • John Pickard
    Sales Manager

    John Pickard started this business in 1999 after working for 20 years at Nortel Networks. John attends the auctions weekly where he purchases the vehicles that are for sale at Premier Auto Group. His other duties include the financing end of the vehicle purchases and website maintenance.

  • Pam Pickard
    Sales / Reception

    Pam is the wife of John and together they have been in business for over 15 years. Her position at Premier Auto Group includes overseeing the sales, title work, reception work, and the financing end of a contract while John is out of the office.

  • George Burns
    Sales & Service

    George is one of the most dedicated people we at Premier Auto Group know. He is faithful to work each day and has one of the best personalities of anyone you could meet. He will be the first person you are greeted by if you should visit our car lot. George and John have been co-workers and friends for over 20 years. George helps with the sales of vehicles and is over the service end of our facility. He insures that your vehicle will have a new oil change, inspection and that all the necessary repairs have been attended to.

  • Edgar Valle

    Edgar has been with Premier Auto Group for over a year. He is bilingual and often helps out with the communication barrier of our Latino community. He is in charge of making sure that when you purchase a vehicle that it leaves in immaculate condition. He maintains the cars and attends to the outside as well as inside appearance.